Evergreen Memories

First promotional poster for KAOS.
A self-portrait by Tom Anderson, 1972.
“Dean Katz the founder was our roommate. I remember when he excitedly came into the room with the FCC telegram confirming the KAOS call letters even though it wasn’t the first choice which was KEEF. I was in the room when we turned on the 10 watt military surplus transmitter playing Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks . . . reaching about five miles. I did a show every Thursday night for a year called The Inner Ear Tickle Conspiracy and my wife Karen did the first food show, Karen’s Cosmic Kitchen.”
Students involved in the radio station spelled out the call letters on Red Square. Photo from the Evergreen archives.
A cartoon from the Cooper Point Journal of a passenger van operated by the college and with a caricature of “community-based driver” Anna Schlecht.
Poster for the first gay and lesbian cultural festival held at a Washington state college or university, 1974. Designed by Tim Girvin. Printed by John Woo and Greg Falxa.
Poster for the Third World Bicentiannial Forum by John Woo, spring 1975. View more of of John Woo’s screen printed posters here.
Lynn Patterson (Llyn De Danaan), becomes the first woman dean at Evergreen.
Faculty conducted some of their early classes away from campus. This seminar with Lynn Patterson (Llyn De Danaan) was on the shores of Oyster Bay.
An early photo of Evergreen faculty members and artists Marilyn Frasca and Susan Christian.
Infamous Hamilton Farms bilboard visible from I-5 in Lewis County. Photo by Felicity Scott Hutsell, 1987.
Colleen Jollie, Native American actiivist who guided the creation of the Evergreen Longhouse–the House of Welcome, a 20-year project 1975 – 1995. Evergreen graduation photo 1977.

Student and community staff of the Northwest International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Clockwise from upper left: Helen Thornton, Maren Christensen, unknown woman, unknown man, Marge Brown (Evergreen media staffer and faculty member) Sheila Fox, Kelly Hawk, and Jeremy Morrison.