Protest buttons were popular back in the day. Many of us wore dozens of them on a single jacket.
Olympia residents took leading roles in the prisoners’ rights movement. This was a march in downtown Seattle in 1979 where an Olympia contingent carried a banner they created.
Take Back the Night march in 1979.
A flier from the Take Back the Night march 1979.
A group of Olympia women put rapists on notice.
LGBT protest against the movie Cruising which stereotyped gay men, 1980.
El Salvador protest
Karen Silkwood Memorial Choir sang protest songs at the Capitalist Mall and other venues.
Wobblies in Olympia organize, members of the Industrial Workers of the World union.

Protests against WPPSS (Whoops) building a nuke plant on the Satsop River went on for years. Safety violations and mounting financial liability finally stopped it.
Theatre of the Unemployed’s play Ode to CETA, or the Misadventures of Betty Lou Toughluck performed in front of state bureaucrats on the east Capitol campus in 1975 got national publicity.
May Day March 1979 assembled at the state Capitol and proceeded down Capitol Way.
Songs and slogans at the end of the May Day March in Sylvester Park.
Guerilla billboard action against military recruiting: Join the Navy; travel to exotic, distant lands; meet exciting, unusual people…and kill them.
Guerilla bilboard: Since 1969 Congress has spent over $6 billion on ABM sites in N. Dakota which were finally activated last month. Last week the House voted to dismantle them as obsolete! The Senate will this week. The Pentagon agrees. Hmmm…any thoughts folks?
Guerilla billboard: Arms first, then advisors…Remember Vietnam? Now it’s Angola.
Guerilla billboards: A series of actions against sexist Black Velvet ads. One said Sexist. Another said Nauseating. This one was hit a second time after the first attachment deteriorated: This billboard is still degrading to women.