Unusual Living Spaces

Richard Salopek’s cabin at IOCWAT (In Our Community We Are Together) on Peg (Mingo) Wortman’s farm
Anna Schlecht playing violin at her cabin at IOCWAT farm
Another hippie dwelling at IOCWAT, an adapted tipi appropriated from Native culture but unsuited for Olympia’s rainy environment
Don Martin’s screen print of the house Emma Goldman Collective lived in beginning in 1973. The house was built in 1886 before Washington was a state.

Steve Wilcox’s houseboat on the east side of Budd Inlet below Giles Road
A shared deck between now remodeled summer cabins that make up the secluded enclave where Pat Holm has lived since the 1960s
Geodesic dome structure built at Cold Comfort Farm about 1975. Photo from Joe Tougas
Judo, a former Greener and brother of Llyn De Danaan, remodeled an old chicken coop for living quarters
A recent Nikki McClure’s rendering of the backyard at ABC house on the west side