Households and Collectives

Mike Brown’s barn on Thanksgiving 1971
Cold Comfort Farm
Seven Cedars Ant Farm
Central House 1980

Emma Goldman Collective 1974
Back L-R: Maggie Simms, Will Campbell, Beth Harris, Grace Cox; Seated: Tina Nehrling, Don Martin
Raging Women
Back L-R: Elizabeth Boles, Joyce Kilmer, Jean Eberhardt; Front: Toni Rose, Barb Holland
Goldflower Brigade
L to R: Kathy Pruit, Dorothy, Debbie Leung, George, Anna Schlecht, Heather Naddour
ABC House Women and Children 1983
Top L to R: Teresa McDowell, Malika Edden, xx, xx, Debe Edden; Seated: Penny Martindale, Melissa Roberts, Cate Burnstead