Feminist Activities

Staff of the Womens Shelter and Support Services Task Force 1975. L-R: Susan Davenport, Sara Albertus, Lisa Pontopidan, Lauren Herbert, Colleen Spencer Hunt, Kathy Haviland
Matrix Collective Reunion 1985. L-R: Melissa Roberts, Diane Gruver, Anna Schlecht, Grace Cox, Karen Greene
Cover of an early Matrix magazine. The graphic was created by another feminist collective in Vancouver, BC called Press Gang
Olympia lesbian-feminists carry a banner at a Pride Celebration march in Seattle
Promo for the one-woman show by Lily Tomlin in conjunction with the US Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials in 1984, women’s production company
“We know what you are saying. Best coffee in town!” Carolyn Street LaFond poses in front of her Cafe Intermezzo with “dykes on bikes” in a spoof ad in the Daily Olympian 1978. Photo by Steve Jones
1979 music festival held in the back pastures of Millet House and Nanny Noodles. Poster designed by Mary Metzler
From a Take Back the Night march in the early 1980s
Arm the Women t-shirt printed at Hard Rain 1980
From a protest at the Trojan nuclear power plant in the early 1980s. Photo by Grace Cox, screen print by Hard Rain
Business card for two members of the all-women construction crew 1979