This chapter contains longer documents written for purposes other than this project but which cover significant events and personalities of the 1960s through the 1980s in Olympia. They are posted with permission and are unedited.

History of the Olympia Farmers Market
By Steve Wilcox

Steve Wilcox was a historian of the present-day Olympia Farmers Market, one of the most successful alternative institutions to come out of the 1970s. His 34-page story offers considerable details about how the founders struggled to establish the Market and how it evolved.

Steve was a fish monger in the Market for many years. He was an avid supporter of local sustainable farming and was active in the early food conspiracy movement. Steve co-owned Sea Blossom Seafoods. He passed away in 2017 at age 72.

An Interview with Laura May Abraham (Booker)
By Stephen Charak

Laura May Booker owned and operated the Rainbow Restaurant, which was a principal gathering place for musicians and activists for many years in downtown Olympia. This is a 54-page story written by Stephen Charak in 1988 for Olympia Voices. Laura came to Olympia in 1971 and touched many lives. Her charm, enthusiasm, and generosity endeared her to the community. She currently lives in California and continues to promote the music scene, especially jazz. Stephen Charak was an educator and writer in Olympia. He passed away in 2004 at age 51.

Oral History Memoir
Interview with Tom Anderson
By Kris Tucker

The Null Set Remembered
By Patricia Holm

A memoir of a coffee house, 1964-1967
1822 West Harrison
Olympia, Washington

Interview with Michael Moore
about the Olympia Jazz Scene
and Obrador
By Tom Dyer

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September 2023